Legionella Awareness Course (with optional practical add-on)
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Legionella Awareness Course (with optional practical add-on)

Legionella Awareness Course (with optional practical add-on)

Legionella Awareness Course (with optional practical add-on)

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a basic understanding of legionella control and the associated risks of contracting legionnaires disease from water sources and plumbing systems.

It provides a background of the origins of legionnaires disease and provides a knowledge of what you can do to help prevent exposure to building users, staff or any other people who could be expose to a water system you operate.

The course is perfect for anyone who may be involved in preventative tasks such as weekly flushing and temperature monitoring such as site caretakers, site maintenance teams or anyone responsible for conducting basic control measures.

It is also advisable for but not exclusive to, Directors, Managers, Head Teachers, Business Managers, Site Managers and Health & Safety Managers as a basic introduction to legionella control and as a pre-requisite for our “Legionella Duty Holder & Responsible Person Course” (see link below).


  • Introduction. 

  • Basic background to legionella bacteria and legionnaires disease.

  • The symptoms of legionnaires disease.

  • Sources and conditions that help legionella multiply.

  • An overview of water systems & the risks they present.

  • Exposure risks.

  • Other risk systems.

  • Preventative maintenance tasks as advised in the government health & safety document HSG274.

  • Discussion and feedback.

  • Written exam on the theoretical topics covered on this course.

Optional Practical Add-on Content

  • Flushing procedures

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Showerhead and spray tap descaling

  • Expansion vessel maintenance

  • Thermostatic Mixing Valve Servicing

  • Water Tank (Cistern) Inspections

  • Water Heater Maintenance

This will be tailored to suit the water fittings and fixtures at your site.

Pre-requisites – None.

Assessment Method – Multiple Choice Test Paper Exam (Legionella Awareness Element)

Practical training will be assessed via observation of practical task completion.

Related Qualifications

Learning Styles – Virtual, Face to Face (At our training centre or a place suitable to you) The practical add-on is advisable to be carried out on your own water system but can be delivered at our training venue.

GMS Services Ltd are approved to provide legionella training courses via our LCA membership.

Course Content / ResourcesHSG 274 Part 2